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February 2016
For UCL School of Management, University College London
we create event materials as poster, flyer, invitation letter and banner for purpose communicate and promote first UCL Women in Management Conference 2016. ​
WIM WhatsNew
November 2015
A locally grown product and in-house cooked/prepared culinary gifts presented through modern and easy to capture graphics. Watercolor element represents the essence of water, soil and air, harmony and well-being. Experience the feel of the natural elements and purest products of the nature with all your senses.
WhatsNew TK Kulinaricna darila
November 2015
Professional engineering production and installation is presented with new yet traditional image continues throughout the promotional leaflet. Quick, clear and attractive overview of sales/trade campaigns, where the top selling products are presented in an informative and aesthetically accomplished way.
WhatsNew Fipro
August 2015
This design combines accents on technical properties and product attributes enriched by the emotional «How deep is your view?« raising the basic value of the product to  a higher, more intimate level. The window is no longer just a window, but an individual view of the world.
The website acts in the first place as a transparent and informative system composed of products, their technical data, display of details, demand submitting option and the current content.
WhatsNew Leopold Fenster Web 1170
July 2015
The elements from which the Novec brand is built are based on natural hues combined with terms from the business world such as credibility, reliability and elegance.
While the new integral graphic image is aims to reflect a preferred modern and business look, the website provides an easy overview of services and insight into the information.
WhatsNew Novec (1)
May 2015
The logo was created based on the contemporary typography and, symbolic for Slovenia, an intertwined carnation.
This fresh, yet traditional image continues throughout the promotional leaflet.
January 2015
Aiming to enliven urban greyness, the graphics displayed on the city bus include glimpses of nature, playful family happiness and appealing products.